COVID-19 Statement

We are still open.
We are asking all participants to come with a face covering.

As Triangle CPR provides an essential service to support our healthcare system, we are officially considered exempt from the stay-at-home order.

Under current regulations, we are able to conduct classes as long as we maintain 6 feet of distance between participants and have fewer than 10 people in the facility. These are measures we have already enacted.

We have relaxed our rescheduling policy. If you have been granted an extension from your employer, or have other concerns, you may wish to reschedule to a later date or suspend your registration until we have the all-clear. Please also note that American Heart Association is allowing you to take a renewal class for up to 120 days after your card has expired. This allows you to take the renewal class vs. initial. Working, or renewing your professional license, with an expired card is up to your employer/governing body.

To accomodate healthcare professionals, we are suspending Heartsaver classes. CPR and First Aid for the lay-rescuer will resume as soon as it is responsible to do so.

Beyond the regulations, no one wants to be part of the problem. Measures taken:

Obviously we may have to make adjustments as regulations change. We will keep you informed as we receive new information.